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Transportation and Other

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ZIP Code:602-8395
676-2 Syake nagaya-cho Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City

* Take Kyoto City Bus to the "Kamishichiken" bus stop. 5 minutes on foot.
* Take Kyoto City Bus to the "Kitano Tenmangu Shrine" bus stop. 5 minutes on foot.

Other Activities / Events

We also invite maiko and geiko to join parties, galas and performances. We can arrange private performances as well. Please call for more details. Upon request, we can arrange performances outside of Kyoto to bring you the essence of traditional Kyoto culture.

« Ms.Katufumi's Activities since 2004 »

2009 Mar. Luncheon of Australian's customer at the Taiko-en in Osaka.
2009 Feb. Joined the production of "Kamishichiken - World of Arts" at the Meguro-Gajoen in Tokyo.
2008 Aug. Banquet of Mexican's customer.
2007 Nov.~ Regular "Good Morning!" radio program performance at Hello Radio Café in Sanjo.
2007 Nov. & Dec. Screening of documentary film "Hannari – Geisha Modern" in Kyoto and Tokyo.
2007 Oct. Screening of "Hannari – Geisha Modern" in Miyazaki Prefecture‧Miyakonojo City.
2007 Jul. Performed at Momoi Lions Club in Nara.
2006 Screening of "Hannari – Geisha Modern" in L.A.(Beverly Hills).
2005 Joined the cast of documentary film "Hannari – Geisha Modern"
2004 May. Planning with Shimabara Tayuu in Kyoto at Wachigaiya in Shimabara.
2004 May. Planning of "Rotary Club World Conference" in Kyoto
(Main sponsor / Takayama West Rotary Club)
2004 Feb. Planning of "Maiko Café Events" for "Kyoto Style Café" at Tokyo's Spiral Hall.
(Main Sponsors / Kyoto Prefecture, Kyoto City and Kyoto Chamber of Commerce)

Kyoto Style Café poster

"Kyoto Style Café" poster
The model is Maiko Miss.Hinagiku of Gion Higashi.

About Kamishichiken

Kamishichiken's crest

In the mid 15th century, part of Kitano (Kitano Tenmangu) Shrine was burnt down. The shrine was rebuilt and the extra wood was used to build seven tea houses (ochaya). These seven tea houses were the origin of Kamishichiken.

In 1587, Toyotomi Hideyoshi hosted a large tea party (kitano oochakai). The tea-house keepers offered mitarashidango (sweet dumplings) to him and he loved the dumplings. He gave the tea houses exclusive rights to do business.

Thus, Kamishichiken's crest is represented as skewered sweet dumplings.

KATUFUMI - Tel:(075)465-0188 / 676-2 Syake nagaya-cho Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City