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KATUFUMI - Kyoto Kamishichiken
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Can you stroll the city with your maiko/geiko makeover?

Because we use actual kimono (with tea house crests) and hana kanzashi, if you dress up as maiko/geiko and stroll the streets of Hanamachi, you maybe be mistaken as real a maiko/geiko. To show respect to the maiko/geiko of Hanamachi, please do not stroll the streets with your makeover, we apologize in advance.

Do I need to reserve the kimono ahead of time?

You can choose the kimono you would like to wear when you come to the studio.

Can I pick out the hana kanzashi (hand-made flower hair ornaments) to wear?

We have hana kanzashi for every moths of the year! We will recommend the hana kanzashi that's best suited for you based on the type of kimono you are wearing and the season.

What is a "half wig"?

Half wig is typically used in combination with the customer's real hair. The bangs and sides of the hair will be styled to blend into the half wig for a natural look.
In order to use half wigs, there's a minimum hair length requirement. The bangs must have the length down to the lips and the sides that frame the face must be at least chin-length.
* For half wig, the hair should be as dark as possible and meet the minimum hair length requirement.

Can we use our own cameras to take pictures?

Of course! Our studio personnel can also help the customers take pictures using customer's own camera.

If you hair is not black, we will use temporary hair coloring for the photo session.

How long does this makeover/photo session take?

For one person, it will take about 2 hours. For two people, it will take about 3 hours.

Will we have to wait even if we make appointments ahead of time?

No. All of our makeover sessions are by appointment only and we will make sure that each session will proceed on time. You will not have to wait for your session and waist your precious time.

I would like my friends to come with me, is there a waiting room available?

We have a waiting room to relax in, or, your friend(s) can be in the dressing room with you while you are having your makeover and listen to all of the interesting tales of a maiko/geiko.

What do I need to bring to the makeover session?

Please bring your own regular make-up kit with you as needed. Also, if you wear gas permeable (hard contacts) contacts, please bring contact lenses container and solution (you will have to take them out during the makeup part of the session).
We will have makeup remover, shampoo, hair conditioner, towel and hair dryer available for you to use.

Do I need to take out my contacts?

If you wear gas permeable (hard contacts), you will need to take them out. If you wear soft contact lenses (daily disposables etc.), you will not need to take them out.

Can children experience maiko makeover?

Yes, as long as the child is at least 140cm tall.

Is there an age limit to experience maiko/geiko makeover?

Since our studio opened, we have had customers ranging form age 10 to 80+. You can choose to be maiko or geiko!

Do you take credit cards?

Yes. We take UC, Visa, Master Card, JCB, AMEX etc.

KATUFUMI - Tel:(075)465-0188 / 676-2 Syake nagaya-cho Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto City